Photo by Sue ChristensenChris McNeil is a Boston based singer, songwriter, guitarist and software developer.  His major influences are the simplicity and harmony of the Beatles, the soulfulness of Eric Clapton and the gentle, fun loving spirit of Jimmy Buffett.   Please enjoy this demo sampler of his music.

 Chris is currently back to writing software but is starting to get back into the music scene.  Stay tuned.

Here are some home demo recordings of original songs.  At the bottom are a few songs done in a studio.  Someday I hope to record all of them in a studio.


 Home Studio Demos

See Your Smile 
When I Think of You  Lyrics
Ent Search Lyrics
AOLA Woman  Lyrics
Sweetest Eyes 
Lord Give me Sleep 
Early Dawn 
Dat's Dat Lyrics
Don't Ever Date a Country Songwriter 
Christmas Morn  Lyrics

Cover Songs

Father and Son
Cover Song List

Ross Ramsay Studio
Winter Lake  Lyrics

Nashville Studio Demo of When I Think of You - Done in a Nashville studio with all studio players and singers.  The intention is to submit it to publishers as a song to be sung by another artist.